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History of Tissage des Roziers


Creation of the first weaving company by Mister Etienne Compigne.

Weaving technique of silk trade produced on professional Jacquard loom.


New directions taken by Jean and Joseph Compigne.


Gérard Compigne, the son of Jean, takes ownership of the company.

Installation of the first velvet professional Jacquard loom.

Transformation into SARL (Limited Company).

1982 Expansion of facilites and purchase of looms operating without shuttle.
1989 Establishment of the SA (Société Anonyme) Tissage des Roziers

First electronic Jacquard machine.

Beginning of direct marketing of high-end fabrics for export.

1999 Reorganization of the facilities and acquisition of new electronic Looms.

Emmanuel Périat enters the company to enrich the management team.

Submission of application and receipt of the label “Living Heritage Company”.